Zistos’ Industrial Zoom Inspection System allows the operator to inspect for hygienic conditions and cross contaminants in bulk transportation vessels, hoppers, vaults, and tanks without entering a confined space. The system increases the safety and efficiency of inspections involving inaccessible or dangerous areas and can help prevent costly recalls. The camera is submersible, self-illuminating with either white or UV light, has a 10x optical zoom and is mounted on a telescoping pole. The camera head can remotely pan 180 degrees when the end grip of the pole is twisted. Images can be recorded to document conditions. The user views the images on a body-worn or tripod-mounted 5.6” LCD display. For more information and requests, email info@zistos.com or call 631-434-1370.

Seafood Analytics


Seafood Analytics has introduced its Certified Quality Reader (CQR), which provides a validated scientific approach to objectively measuring seafood quality and freshness. Validated by Oregon State University as a reliable method to measure seafood quality, the CQR recently received significant enhancements, including displaying FDA & Torry-correlated sensory scores, days since harvest, shelf life remaining, certified quality number, and fresh or previously frozen status. The CQR is a handheld, non-invasive instantaneous screening and data-collection device that uses electrical currents to provide cellular quality data for fish species and other seafood. The device works by measuring how much the cells inside the fish species change over time depending on conditions. When coupled with the Certified Quality Cloud Platform, customers can collect and analyze quality data. Seafood Analytics is also in the process of developing a Certified Quality Seafood Certification (CQSC).

Pelican Solutions


For food processing or manufacturing operations that have problems flying around their drains, Xpel provides an effective, efficient, and economical solution, the company said. Xpel’s proprietary, eco-friendly, non-toxic, microbial formula eliminates odors and breaks down biofilms – with just four ounces of Xpel Original in each drain, once a week. The product requires no secondary treatments, foaming, or special applications, and it is effective in newer or older facilities. Xpel is a USDA-certified, bio-based product that is non-toxic and non-corrosive. For more information, visit Xpelsolutions.com.

Brite Belt


The Brite Belt conveyor cleaning and conditioning system is designed to clean, condition, and sanitize belt surfaces to save time and money. The design allows for easy lifting, filling, and draining, and the scrubber units come in a variety of sizes and can be staged side by side to fit conveyor-belt width. To use, simply attach the scrub pad to the bottom, fill the scrubbing container with the appropriate cleaning or sanitizing solution, bungee the scrubber unit to the conveyor frame or fasten so the scrubber unit remains stationary, turn on the conveyor, then finish the plant’s other sanitation cleaning duties. The scrubber unit will dispense cleaning solution continuously while the scrub pad mechanically cleans the belt. After sufficient time or revolutions, turn off the conveyor, replace or sanitize the scrub pad, and move the unit to another conveyor.



Detectapro has developed printed and non-printed fully metal-detectable keyhole tags for companies using multiple production and batch information within their lines. The large printed two-sided tag measures 12” long by 3-1/8” wide with a 2” x 3” keyhole for easy, secure attachment. The front has areas for recording product, while the reverse side has seven lines with date/time and temperature information. The tags can assist food processors in reducing cross contamination between lines and in the elimination of waste when working with date/time sensitive products. Other keyhole tags are available in sizes 1” x 7.5” and 1-3/4” x 11”, and color options are available. All Detectapro keyhole tags are detectable to a very small fragment size and are tear resistant. For more information, visit www.detectapro.com or call 866-441-5572.

QA Supplies


QA Supplies’ new QA-T5 makes recording  temperatures easy and inexpensive, the company said. This multiple-use logger has a built-in USB plug, so no extra cables or cradles are necessary. It can be quickly reprogrammed using the free software, and it generates clear and concise PDF reports to show temperature history of the food product while it is in transit or storage. With its ability to track a variety of temperature-sensitive goods throughout the cold-chain and for any time period needed, the QA-T5 helps bring peace of mind to customers and shippers, the company said. For more information, visit www.QAsupplies.com.