The Indian meal moth is the #1 stored product pest worldwide. Its control and prevention are well known but underutilized due to varying economics. Now Trécé has developed a first ever microencapsulated sprayable mating disruption product, which is available industry wide. Herein James Miller, ACE - Market Manager, PCO with Trécé Incorporated, reviews questions regarding the application of CIDETRAK® IMM MEC™ – sprayable mating disruptant for IMM and other species.


CIDETRAK IMM MEC is a highly sophisticated microencapsulated (MEC) controlled release formulation, created to control and prevent infestation of the IMM and other species. It employs a non-toxic synthetic replica of the female-produced sex pheromone to suppress, deny, or delay the mating of IMM adults.

2 How does CIDETRAK IMM MEC work?

CIDETRAK IMM MEC slowly releases pheromone chemistry through a polymeric matrix or “microcapsule” formed around the active ingredient. It uses air current and building convection to distribute the pheromone throughout the treatment area.

3 What level of efficacy was achieved in trials with CIDETRAK IMM MEC?

Results have been exceptional! Over three years of R&D trials were conducted in some of the harshest environments available comparing CIDETRAK IMM MEC to CIDETRAK IMM MESO solid mating disruption dispensers and non-treated similar sites. CIDETRAK IMM MEC compared very favorably to CIDETRAK IMM MESO and much better than non-treated sites.

4 How does one apply CIDETRAK IMM MEC?

CIDETRAK IMM MEC may be applied as a general surface spray, fogging, spot spray, or crack and crevice treatment where targeted insect infestations are present. Use spray/application equipment capable of delivering a variable spray or coating to uniformly apply the solution such as handheld sprayers, electric sprayers, or fogging equipment. The product may also be tank mixed with an adulticide and/or insect growth regulator.

5 Why was CIDETRAK IMM MEC developed?

The evolution of mating disruption technology never stops. CIDETRAK IMM MEC provides a more economical solution for clients with IMM issues. And the added benefit of combining control and prevention products into a multi-faceted IPM program allows for more solutions for the end user and PMP.