Bell Laboratories

Fastrac Soft Bait from Bell Laboratories is now registered in California.

Made out of the acute active ingredient, bromethalin, Fastrac Soft Bait helps PMPs knock down rodent infestations at accounts. Bell Labs reports that technicians will use less bait versus anticoagulants and may see more effective results, as rodents may consume a lethal dose in a single night’s feeding, which reduces the amount of bait required to achieve control.

Fastrac Soft Bait is available in 8-gram sachets, with a minimum mouse placement of one sachet and a minimum rat placement of four sachets. The sachets are packaged in a 4-pound pail, which features a purple lid for ease of identification.

Fastrac Soft Bait is available now and your PMPs can reach out to their local California pest control distributors to learn more.


Emport announced that Hygiena’s AlerTox Sticks Peanut kits are back. According to Emport, the new and improved test allows you to detect as little as 1ppm of raw or roasted peanut protein in minutes. The kit is shelf-stable, requires no equipment and can test both products and environmental working surfaces. On-site allergen testing is an important part of any Allergen Control Plan and AlerTox Sticks aim to be an easy, reliable testing method. Whether you’re focused on FSMA, SQF or an allergen-specific scheme such as Certified Free From, AlerTox Sticks can help with validation and verification of both your program and your products, according to Emport.

Emport also offers AlerTox Sticks for walnut, almond, soy, milk, egg and more.


Remco has created two new lengths of their popular Ultra Hygiene handles. The smallest version works well with its nylon scraper or paddle scrapers to clean benchtops. Remco said the 26-inch length is just long enough for workers to apply leverage to scrape up tough messes without being unwieldy. While the 40-inch version works great with broom heads, squeegee attachments and more for quick clean-up jobs, Remco said. Both handles feature Remco’s Ultra Hygiene design. Remco said the handles are lightweight and sturdy, and free of crevices where bacteria could hide and multiply. They are designed with vertical ridges and a matte finish that ensures an improved grip — even with greasy hands.