1. How do I know which CIDETRAK IMM MD formulation to use: CIDETRAK IMM solid dispenser or CIDETRAK IMM MEC sprayable?

To answer this question, one must consider three things: No. 1, am I treating warehouses, commodities, food manufacturing facilities, transportation, ports of entry or retail? No. 2, what is the IMM adult abundance according to my STORGARD® ll trap capture data and is the activity increasing or decreasing? No. 3, are there fans, doors open, consistent product turnover, extreme temperatures, other factors inside my facility? By having answers to these questions, you can decide if it is more convenient to make two to three CIDETRAK IMM MEC sprayable applications or better to install CIDETRAK IMM solid dispensers and treat one, possibly two times per season.

2. Can I use CIDETRAK IMM and MEC in a combined program?

Absolutely, depending on variables like commodity/product turnover, seasonality, immigration, fogging schedules and others, it may be advantageous to spray CIDETRAK IMM MEC after six months or longer of CIDETRAK IMM, which will result in three to four months of extended suppression.

3. When are the optimum times to apply and reapply CIDETRAK IMM MEC?

The best time is usually just before moths begin to emerge and mate seasonally. Or apply CIDETRAK IMM MEC in a facility with a med-low IMM population as soon as you can, and every 90 days following the initial application. Highly abundant IMM populations may need CIDETRAK IMM MEC applied on a shorter interval until the population abundance is consistently reduced, then resume a 90-day interval.

4. When are the optimum times to apply and reapply CIDETRAK IMM Dispensers?

The solid dispensers have great longevity and are best applied in early spring before IMM populations begin to build (late January to early April). Then change the dDispensers every six months thereafter. Check Trécé’s website for Guidelines for Use and much more. And remember, always “read the label.”

5. Do I need to apply an insecticide with CIDETRAK IMM formulations?

The need to fog/fumigate is specific to the needs and thresholds established by each industry. Based on our research findings, many pest managers have been able to completely remove or significantly reduce the number of insecticide treatments they apply in a year due to successful IMM MD. Insecticide treatments will not affect CIDETRAK MD’s efficacy for IMM, if fogging or fumigation is necessary, for other insect species.