Romer Labs believes that food safety starts with “No.”

With “No,” we protect what we value. No time to lose: Our portfolio of rapid, on-site allergen detection solutions and analytical services saves you time to remain productive, efficient and compliant. No extra costs: Romer Labs’ experts tailor solutions to your exact needs. No compromises: We deliver solutions without impacting accuracy, scalability and time-to-result.

Christy Swoboda has worked with her technical support and analytical service teams over the past several decades to master the Nos in food safety. She embodies this responsibility with one word: Service. Using her extensive industry knowledge on changing regulations, updated testing practices and developing analytical methods, Swoboda and her team provide allergen solutions and support tailored to customers’ needs.

Swoboda manages a dedicated team always alert and looking to respond to customers. She contributes industry knowledge to Romer Labs’ R&D organization to help push the envelope when it comes to new technologies. Swoboda represents a large part of the responsibility of service. With that she contributes to Romer Labs’ vision as an organization on the front lines of food safety in making the world’s food safer.