When you ask Mark Neterer, business leader of pest management, about future goals for Corteva Agriscience, improving the quality of life by protecting homes, property and health is at the forefront.

“We look at our customer’s business holistically and ask, ‘What value can we bring? What unknown needs can we address?’” Neterer said. “We want to be bold leaders in the markets we serve. And, we want to do it the right way by adhering to the highest business principles.”

To truly innovate, Corteva’s commitment to pest prevention extends beyond new active ingredients. It’s about developing smart technologies that equip pest management professionals with the tools needed to keep facilities pest-free and exceed customer expectations.

Corteva is redefining pest management with its cutting-edge electronic remote pest monitoring tool — the ActiveSense® system. Through precise pest activity data and real-time alerts, the technology delivers a new level of proactive pest management.