The Genus Cobra LED is the flagship insect light trap in Brandenburg’s new range of LED units. Compared to the company’s Cobra fluorescent, it delivers 97% faster (within 10 minutes) fly catch to reduce risk of flies spreading pathogens for improved food safety, and also provides a 69% reduction in carbon emissions and electric running costs.

The new range of Genus LED units have been benchmarked against Brandenburg’s own fluorescent range. The range includes units designed for use in commercial kitchens, food factories, restaurants and supermarkets — both in back-of-house as well as front-of-house areas.


Xcluder, designer of rodent-proofing solutions, announced the launch of its new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps. The company says its new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps provide increased protection against rodents and insects and also feature an easier-to-install design and enhanced weathersealing and thermal properties. Designed for superior compliance with food safety audit standards, the new line of sweeps is guaranteed to be impenetrable to mice and rats for the lifetime of any properly installed product, Xcluder reported.

“Rodents are intelligent problem solvers and highly adaptive,” said Dave Colbert, vice president, Xcluder. “Fortunately, so is Xcluder’s product development team. We have witnessed not only an increase in rodent aggression over the last year, but also an increased focus on food safety. Our new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps address both concerns with fortified barriers against gnawing and meticulous design specs to ensure compliance with food safety standards. We continue to innovate and enhance our exclusion solutions to safeguard our customers at the highest level.”