Most respondents appear to be fairly consistent in their use of fumigation services over the years. More than half of the respondents who use fumigation stated that they use about the same amount as they did in the past overall (58%) as compared with five years ago (58%), and as they expect to in the future (69%). (Tables 11 & 12)

Only 11% purchased or performed more fumigation in the last year than they had before that, and only 17% use it more than they did five years ago. An even lower percentage (6%) expect to increase their use of fumigation in the future. In fact, 28% said they purchased or performed fewer fumigation services than in the past, and 19% fewer compared with five years ago. Additionally, 22% expect to use fewer fumigation services in the future. (Tables 11 & 12)

But whether the food facility has or plans to conduct more, fewer or the same number of fumigation services, the vast majority were satisfied with the results they attained, with 72% of respondents stating that their fumigation services always resolved the problem, and another 22% stating that it sometimes did.