At the core of pest prevention is partnership and the desire to make a difference for clients. For more than 20 years, Zach Johnson, central region manager at IFC, has been committed to understanding pest management, sanitation and service strategies so that he can help create strong client relationships and pest prevention plans for long-term success.

Johnson began his career as a flour mill floor sweeper, where he worked his way up until joining the IFC team. Growing and leading in a variety of roles within IFC, he says his current role is to support the true face of pest prevention: the service technicians.

Solving customer problems is one of Johnson’s favorite parts of the job, like the time he helped solve a persistent facility rodent issue that seemed unsolvable for prior pest control vendors. Together with the facility’s maintenance team, they investigated and used creative thinking to find the entry point culprit, resolving the issue for the client.

The years of industry experience Johnson, and every teammate he supports, has is behind each solution and recommendation made — all with one focus in mind: your success.