With 18-plus years of experience in food safety, quality and continuous improvement, Tiffany Donica, Customer Success Coach at SafetyChain Software, brings real-world insight and hands-on experience to help manufacturers increase yields and productivity without sacrificing quality or food safety. Donica’s roots started in food processing facilities as she has led quality and food safety at EPI Breads, Surlean Foods, Five Star Custom Foods and CTI Foods. As one of her colleagues in the food industry put it, “Tiffany’s understanding of plant operations, finance and IT accentuates her ability to lead food quality and safety systems at a high level. Donica is a great leader and motivator as she takes an interest in all of her employees and strives to guide them all towards successful careers.” Her passion is to combine the tangible experience she has gained with an in-depth understanding of plant management software to enable manufacturers to take their operations from reactive and risky to predictive and profitable.