1 What exactly is a food-grade lubricant? How is it different from what Iā€™m using?

A food-grade lubricant is a lubricant that not only protects your machinery and equipment, but also is designed to be used in regulation-controlled food processing environments. There are different types of products, depending on whether the lubricant could come in direct contact with food or incidental contact, for example. FDA provides governance, and there may be kosher and halal requirements as well.

2 Does the food-grade lubricant cost more than what I am using now?

Food-grade lubricants have two functions: protect the equipment and protect the food supply. They are highly designed and engineered to perform these functions; so you can expect to pay more than for a standard mineral oil-based lubricant ā€” but the double protection you buy backs up the total value proposition.

3 How do I train my personnel? Does the food-grade lubricant need special handling?

Absolutely. Training on regulations, guidance on transition, and training of maintenance personnel are all essential to ensuring sustainable benefits. No unique handling is required, but these lubricants must be kept separate from standard mineral-based products and must be kept in reasonable storage conditions (avoiding extreme heat, cold, and dampness). Techniques for storing, handling, and equipment marking are some of the benefits of working with Clarion experts.

4 Where can I get this product? Will you assess my plant and tell me what I should be using?

The food-grade lubricant product is available from CITGO Petroleum Corporation, your reliable supplier of food-grade and environmental lubricants. Your gateway to success is www.clarionlubricants.com, or 1-855-My-Clarion. Let us provide examples as to how our products can become your solutions. Have we inspected meat packers, poultry plants, dairies, bakeries and bottlers? Yes, we have. After our inspection, you will sit down with our branded, trained, qualified Clarion marketer who will walk you through the onboarding process step by step. We are there with you every step of the way.

5 How do I start this process?

There are two routes ā€” contact a Clarion marketer, or contact Clarion directly. Need to learn more first? Go to the website and learn the basics. Phone us at 1-855-My-Clarion, and ask any question. It is that simple. We are here to provide straightforward help and assistance every step of the way. We want to help you protect your equipment and the food supply.