1 What is object detection all about?

Object detection is the ability of the object being used, a pen for example, to be detected in the food processing environment. Object detection, or in our case, metal/X-ray detectable products, work in conjunction with detection devices used on the processing line. If an object falls into the food being processed, detection units placed above the line detect the foreign object and reject it, keeping the final product contaminant free.

2 Can Detectapro work in my food processing environment?

Yes, provided your company is currently employing either metal or X-ray detection systems. Our products are 100% detectable. However, calibration is key when detecting foreign object contamination. Detection systems need to calibrated based on the food being processed and the level of detection it is looking for. Every processing environment is different, and every detectable fragment size need is also different.

3 How does object detection work with BRC 8?

BRC 8, section is the requirement regarding small parts. The small parts language specifies: “Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimize risk of physical contamination (e.g., designed without small parts and detectable by foreign body detection equipment).” Our retractable pens are assembled with only three parts — the plunger, the cartridge, and the body. There are no small parts in our pens. Our pens meet the language of BRC8 Section

4 Does Detectapro carry liability insurance?

Yes, we do carry liability insurance. Our products are made in the USA and the UK and are produced in facilities where quality control is measured on every product produced. Molding pens and other products require highly detailed molds requiring tight tolerances. Our products are expected to work every time. The processing floor is no place for poorly manufactured products. Products that are created in China or Eastern Europe may use inferior molds and inferior detectable components, creating inferior products which do not have liability insurance.

5 Can Detectapro help our company create new products?

Detectapro offers a wide range of in-stock metal and/or X-ray detectable products. However, if you have a custom need, let us know and we will work with you.