Our Technical Sales Representative, Ryan McMillan explains the value of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to the poultry industry and how ContraPest, a liquid contraceptive pest control tool, represents a pivotal cog in an agribusiness’ IPM machine.

1 How effective is rat control supported by IPM programs in the poultry industry?

Rats are vectors for disease and present a threat to poultry products and personnel on site. Additionally, rats consume and contaminate poultry feed which can amount to costly losses. Given that rats have a rapid rate of reproduction, keeping their numbers down proves challenging. Fertility management is a key component of any IPM program because of its ability to improve efficiency with its emphasis on maintenance and prevention.

2 Why is ContraPest an important solution to include in IPM programs?

ContraPest provides a consistent, sustained solution to rat infestations by providing fertility management that works in both male and female rats. ContraPest restricts rat population growth and protects your facility from costly rat population rebounds. A large-scale, top-down targeted solution, ContraPest supports the high sanitation standards expected of poultry producers and their IPM programs.

3 What value does IPM offer poultry facilities?

An IPM program should consist of prevention and control methods focused on rat infestations. By combining these with a contraceptive tool like ContraPest, poultry facilities can strengthen their IPM strategy and maximize results. Preventing rat reproduction while controlling the reduced rat populations is central to successful maintenance.

4 How will ContraPest fit into my poultry facility’s IPM program?

If we think of an IPM program like a machine, ContraPest is the pivotal cog that supports optimal function from each gear. A liquid contraceptive pest control tool designed to control Norway and roof rats, ContraPest offers effective fertility management that can be easily added into your existing IPM program and deployed on a monthly basis.

5 Are other industries realizing success from adding ContraPest to their IPM programs?

The agricultural industry has realized success from implementing ContraPest in their IPM programs. Increasingly, and following the COVID-19 pandemic, ContraPest has proven effective in municipal IPM strategies in both residential and commercial settings. The SenesTech team is confident that ContraPest will become a foundational tool in many rodent control programs. Adding fertility management to IPM strategies provides a critical, consistent layer of protection to your facility, products, and personnel.