We are often asked about the importance of exclusion as part of integrated pest management (IPM). Dave Colbert, Xcluder® VP Sales, provides answers to the top five questions on everyone’s minds.

1 Why is pest exclusion important?

Sealing every rodent entry point is critical for one obvious (but sometimes ignored) reason: If pests can’t get inside, they can’t wreak havoc on a structure, spread disease, and require professional help, pesticides, and/or trapping to remove them! And if every pedestrian and dock door is properly sealed, there is less to be concerned about come inspection time.

2 Are Xcluder® products difficult to install?

Most products, like Xcluder Fill Fabric and Door Sweeps, are easy to install; no certification or special tools are required. Projects like sealing docks or dock doors can be more involved, but a door service provider can help complete the job if needed, and our team can connect you with resources. Also, we offer in-depth training on our full product line — if you are interested in this for your team please get in touch!

3 Where can I install Xcluder® products?

In short, almost anywhere there’s a rodent vulnerability! Xcluder products — from Fill Fabric to Door Sweeps to Garage Door Seals to Geo Landscape Fabric — provide proven exclusion solutions for commercial settings. And if you come across an exclusion situation not yet covered by our product line? Get in touch with us! We’re always working with customers to develop new solutions to new issues.

4 What are Xcluder® products made of?

Xcluder Fill Fabric consists of a patented blend of stainless-steel wool and poly material, which will never rust and affords a springiness that contributes to ease of installation and permanency. Our Door Sweeps contain a layer of Fill Fabric and high-quality, durable rubber with an added rubber flap for enhanced weather sealing and thermal properties. Our Door Seals contain the same rubber and Fill Fabric, with a stainless-steel screen layer for additional rodent protection, and Xcluder Geo is made of stainless-steel wool.

5 Where can I buy Xcluder?

Xcluder is sold at BuyXcluder.com, through all the major pest management distributors, and through a variety of other online and brick and mortar outlets (Go to BuyXcluder.com for more information). Xcluder’s technical service department is available via phone or email to answer any questions that arise, and there is a lifetime guarantee on all properly installed door sweeps. All Xcluder products are made in the U.S.A.