iQ® products, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies®, are the first affordable and completely integrated rodent monitoring devices. Patrick Lynch answers questions on the products and their capabilities.

1 What are iQ products?

iQ products are a full line of rodent control monitoring products that give pest management/food safety professionals the ability to use rodent monitoring technology. Whether trapping rodents with the 24/7 iQ multiple catch trap and the T-Rex iQ trap, or baiting for rodents with the Express iQ tray, all iQ products have Bell Sensing’s patented technology fully integrated inside the product.

2 How do iQ products communicate rodent activity?

iQ products timestamp and record all rodent activity at accounts. This data is communicated to mobile devices with Bluetooth technology. The choice of Bluetooth keeps the power of pest control in the hands of the pest control specialist on site. This technology makes iQ products affordable to use at any type of food safety account and does not require expensive gateway equipment or Wi-Fi passwords.

3 How can Food Safety Professionals use technology for trapping rodents?

The most time-consuming task pest management and food safety professionals encounter when dealing with rodents is properly placing and subsequently checking both multiple catch and snap traps. Rodents travel in hard-to-reach areas, which means placing traps in the most effective locations can be difficult to reach without ladders and safety equipment. We know from our customers’ feedback that the vast majority of traps each month do not have activity or catches. Use of the T-Rex iQ or 24/7 iQ enables those managing rodent control at each facility to never check an empty trap again. Automatic recordkeeping replaces routine and necessary paperwork, and the data is transformed into easy to digest historical and trend reports.

4 How can food safety professionals use technology for baiting for rodents?

To keep up with rodents, pest management/food safety professionals must turn into detectives, where they look for evidence to paint a picture of rodent activity at their facility since its last walkthrough. Express iQ bait stations communicate whether or not there has been verifiable rodent activity and how heavy the rodent activity has been in each specific bait station since the last visit. This finally gives the facilites manager and pest management professional the information they need for better inspections, quicker decision making, superior customer service and world class IPM.

5 What additional problems do iQ products solve?

Food safety professionals are saddled with the same challenges all industries are experiencing: customer retention, safety and job satisfaction. iQ products instantly record and keep a more accurate pulse on rodent issues at the facility. This improves customer retention as proof that the rodent control service program is working and will reduce rodent issues. Using knowledge gained from iQ products, facility managers or pest control managers will no longer have to climb on ladders or be unwilling to place traps where they are needed most. This will increase both the quality of the rodent control at the account and will be a more rewarding and satisfying career path for these professionals, in which they will never have to check an empty trap again.