Object Detection is at the heart of all quality assurance efforts in any food processing facility. Detectapro’s metal- and X-ray-detectable products are a critical tool in helping achieve success. Paul Gaertner, President of Detectapro Products, has been helping food processors work toward zero percent foreign object contamination for more than 18 years.

1 Are Detectapro products made in the US?

Many of our products are United States made. Other products are produced in the United Kingdom. Quality is our No. 1 commitment and is measured on every product. The processing floor is no place for poorly manufactured products. Offshore products use inferior processes, creating inferior products. We also provide liability insurance, a further commitment to our quality made products.

2 How detectable are your products?

All of our products are 100% detectable when using detection systems. Detecting our products lies with the ratio of the aperture to the size of the product to be detected. All foods are unique as they go through the production cycle. Calibrating detection systems on a daily basis will aid in your ability to pick up foreign object contamination.

3 Can your products prevent a recall?

Loss of product, lost time in wages, bad public relations, litigation and inconvenience to the retailer and consumer are a few of the consequences of a recall. Detectapro products will reduce your chances of hard plastic contaminating the final product. While we can‘t prevent a recall, using 100% detectable Detectapro products in conjunction with properly calibrated detection systems will go a long way toward ensuring zero percent foreign object contamination.

4 What quality standards does Detectapro comply with?

BRC Global Standards for food safety was developed by food industry experts from retailer, manufacturer and food service organizations. Now in it’s eighth issue, it provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity and quality. BRC Global Standards focuses on areas regarding, but not limited to: Auditing areas which often have the highest rate of product recalls and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

5 How does object detection work with BRC 8?

BRC Global Standards 8, section is the requirement regarding small parts, stating: “Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimize risk of physical contamination (designed without small parts and detectable by foreign body detection equipment).” Our pens are 100% detectable, abiding to the language in the BRC 8 section Other items such as cable ties, markers, scrapers, knives and keyhole tags also comply to section BRC8.