Aptar’s InvisiShield technology is an active material science-based antimicrobial delivery system that aims to provide a final intervention step to protect consumers from foodborne illnesses transmitted through minimally processed foods. It delivers a controlled amount of chlorine dioxide gas into the headspace of a sealed package to protect against pathogen growth without impacting the product’s taste, scent or appearance. “This technology has the potential to change the way the food industry thinks about food safety,” said Angela Morgan, director of business development and food safety solutions. “We are taking a small-but-game-changing step in reshaping the food safety paradigm.”

Bell Laboratories


In an effort to continue ensuring pest management professionals have the most tools possible in the fight against disease and damage caused by rodents, despite regulatory challenges in the industry, Bell Laboratories has announced the launch of its newly registered rodenticide: Contrac California Bromethalin Soft Bait. As the name suggests, Contrac California Soft Bait is made with the single feed acute active ingredient bromethalin. Its 8-gram sachets and palatable oil-based formulation is expected to provide PMPs with the confidence and results they have been accustomed to when using Bell’s other industry leading Contrac products, the company said. Registered only for use in the state of California, Contrac California Bromethalin Soft Bait specifically meets all state regulatory requirements for structural rodenticide use, Bell said.

NSF EyeSucceed


NSF International has announced NSF EyeSucceed, a training modality that uses augmented reality (AR) paired with wearable smartglasses to improve both virtual and in-person training, consistency and operational efficiency, contributing to better experiences for employees and consumers. The technology can be used in foodservice and food manufacturing. “The need for smart solutions that are cost effective has been growing for years. Following the pandemic, the food industry is seeking even more ways to leverage new technologies to improve training and efficiency while maintaining quality and consistency,” said Tom Chestnut, co-founder of NSF EyeSucceed. “NSF EyeSucceed provides businesses with a customized suite of applications.”