1. Rodent exclusion at loading docks can be a challenge. What’s the best thing to do?

Docks can be challenging because each dock position has multiple rodent entry points. These include the sides and pull chain opening of the dock leveler, the bottom of the door, door jambs and possibly even the top of the dock door. Where we see problems is when only one or two of these areas is addressed. It’s never long before rodents find their way to the opening that wasn’t protected.

2. The floor under the door is uneven and interferes with the door sweep. Help!

This is a very common problem, especially in older facilities. For these situations, we recommend installing our Automatic Door Bottom Sweep. The rodent-proof seal on the automatic door bottom is actuated by a plunger and retracts as the door opens, allowing it to clear obstructions. Then it descends when the door is closed, forming a tight, rodent-proof seal under the door. Problem solved!

3. Is there a way to seal automatic sliding doors?

We’re excited to say — there is now! Auto sliding doors have been a challenge, as any solution not only needs to seal out rodents and the weather, but also maintain the egress functionality of the doors as required by code. Xcluder’s new line of seals for automatic sliding doors address all these issues and are available for both fixed sidelite and full breakout style doors.

4. We’re not set up to install Xcluder seals for dock levelers or automatic sliding doors. Can you help?

It’s good to know your limitations, as dock levelers and automatic sliding door systems can be complicated and must function safely after installation. Our team would be happy to put you in touch with a qualified dock or door service provider for your project.

5. Beyond pest exclusion, what other benefits do Xcluder sweeps and seals offer?

In addition to keeping pests out, Xcluder seals and sweeps are excellent weather seals that block outside elements from coming into a building — much better than conventional seals. And we build our products to withstand rodent attacks, so they’re much more durable than conventional seals and sweeps. They last longer and stand up to heavy usage, so you won’t be continually changing them out.