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The History Of Food Safety

The History of Food Safety

The tale of food safety through the years offers a chance to learn from the past. Whether it’s reading up on landmark moments in food safety, charting food fraud through the years or learning how we got to where we are, this (very) short history on the (very) long story of food safety is a good place to start.

How 'The Jungle' Still Makes Food Safety Waves

Upton Sinclair’s 1906 book is still listed in The Library of Congress' collection of Books That Shaped America for having provoked thought, controversy and changes in national legislation throughout American history.

A History of Food Fraud

Food fraud is one of the earliest examples of a danger to consumers and the basis for many regulations throughout history.

The History of QA Magazine

A closer look at the history of Quality Assurance & Food Safety magazine provides a representation of the industry itself.

Food Safety Timeline

Food safety isn’t a novel concept. As long as people have needed to eat (so, forever), they’ve needed to be able to do so knowing (hoping, expecting) that the food is safe. Here is a fraction of the landmark moments in food safety history.


6 Food Industry Trends for 2022

Industry and consumer trends can control so much of what food companies do. Here’s a quick forecast on what to look for this year.