March April 2021

Ten Years of FSMA

Inside the Produce Safety Rule

FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule is still largely a work in progress, but aside from providing guidance, it can help bring the food industry closer together.

Inside the Intentional Adulteration Rule

FSMA’s food defense or intentional adulteration rule is meant to protect the nation’s food supply from someone on the inside looking to do harm on a massive scale.



Pathogen Detection and Prevention Advice

Despite advancements in food safety, foodborne illnesses haven’t dropped and, in some areas, they’ve increased. While the battle with pathogens is waged from farm-to-fork, there are some back-to-basics best practices food processors can implement and double down on to help the fight.

Food Safety and Quality in Cannabis Edibles

Federally illegal or not, the cannabis edibles market will continue to grow and play a role in the food industry. Here’s how one company handles safety, quality and more.


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