May June 2021

Food Safety Culture

A Q&A on Food Safety Culture with Frank Yiannas

As part of our look at food safety culture, Frank Yiannas, FDA deputy commissioner for food policy and response, dishes on why the topic is so important, when he had the “aha” moment and more.

Food Safety Culture Reader Survey

Earlier this spring, Quality Assurance & Food Safety magazine surveyed employees of food manufacturing facilities, including farms, to get a sense of what food safety culture looks like on a practical level.



5 Tips to Refocus Your Cleaning Processes

The pandemic prompted the entire world to zero in on cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. But it’s also provided an opportunity for the food industry to refocus on its processes and procedures, including what each step in this process actually means.

Where AI, Blockchain and IoT are Now

New things are scary. But, when used correctly, solutions such as blockchain or artificial intelligence can enable the food industry to do what it already does better and more efficiently.

Pest Management: Ant Control

Although ants aren’t as dangerous to a food facility as cockroaches or rodents, they can prove to be an abundant nuisance. Here’s some advice on dealing with them.


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