September October 2019



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ASK THE EXPERTS: Digital Rodent Monitoring

5 Questions with Mona Latif

Rentokil Steritech launched its PestConnect Portfolio in February. This innovative product range includes first-of-its-kind connected rodent monitoring products. The company’s Director of Product and Innovation, Mona Latif, discusses how this technology benefits quality-focused organizations.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Employee Hygiene

5 Questions with Paul Barnhill

Poor personal hygiene is a leading cause of foodborne illnesses. Food manufacturing leaders must prioritize creating a food safety culture in order to protect their brand and their consumers. Below, Meritech COO Paul Barnhill focuses on the role leadership plays when creating a food safety culture.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Environmental Monitoring Proficiency

5 Questions with JOHN DAVID

Environmental monitoring is a hot topic in food safety, but can be tricky, as these programs look different from one food manufacturer to the next. 3M recently partnered with Cornell and other experts to produce a free, comprehensive “Environmental Monitoring Handbook” ( that covers this subject in a holistic and actionable manner. 3M Food Safety Global Scientific Marketing Manager John David explains.

ASK THE EXPERTS: food grade lubricants

5 Questions with Marvin Kerkstra

Food-grade lubricants are a critical element of the success of food, beverage, and drug manufacturers. These products ensure both customer safety and protection of your equipment. Marvin Kerkstra, a Senior Advisor with Clarion Lubricants, shared with us some of the most frequently asked questions regarding food-grade lubricants and how CITGO and Clarion can help.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Foreign Object Detection

5 Questions with Paul Gaertner

Detectapro products are both metal and X-ray detectable, used in an effort to help reduce foreign object contamination in the final product. Paul Gaertner, President of Detectapro Products, LLC., has been helping food processors work toward zero percent foreign object contamination since 2003.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Juice Microbiology

5 Questions with Patricia Rule

Senior Staff Scientist Industry Scientific Affairs Patricia Rule, MS, discusses the microbiological perspective of juice manufacturing. A 35+ year tenured veteran of the food industry, Rule lives by her personal motto, “Give All — Share Openly,” each day at bioMerieux. She is widely known in the industry for her expertise as well as building trusted partnerships and helping customers solve their problems.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Lab Management

5 Questions with Thomas Jones

Lab Management is a necessary, but often complicated, part of any food safety system. Thomas Jones, the Senior Director of Analytical Services at Safe Food Alliance, breaks down five things you need to know about lab management and working with a third-party lab.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Participating in a Proficiency Program

5 Questions with Ashley Erdman

As food safety testing continues to evolve, it has become ever more important to ensure that your methods and technicians are providing you with reliable results. Participating in a proficiency program is a great way to build confidence in your methods and technicians. Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. Proficiency Manager Ashley Erdman explains.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Rodent Control in Poultry Facilities

5 Questions with Courtney Ray

As the Director of Technical Services and National Accounts, Courtney Ray is critically aware that quality assurance cannot be compromised when it comes to food safety. Poultry housing and processing facilities prove challenging with respect to costly and potentially hazardous rat infestations. Fortunately, Ray’s extensive knowledge and expertise relative to poultry pain points lends strategic support to Senestech’s flagship product, ContraPest — rat birth control.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Stored Product Beetles

5 Questions with James Miller, ACE

Are you using monitoring systems for the detection of stored product beetles? Often underutilized, stored product beetle monitoring is a critical component of your facilities’ pest management program. What does a stored product beetle monitoring program look like? James Miller, ACE — Market Manager, PCO with Trécé Incorporated, reviews the important aspects of food-infesting beetle monitoring for your food safety IPM Program.