September October 2022


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Young Professionals in Food Safety

The next wave of food safety and quality assurance professionals, regulators and researchers is ready to make its mark on the industry. They’re passionate about their work, they’ve got big ideas on how to make things better and they want you to listen. Meet five of them here.

Young Professionals in Food Safety: Nicole Arnold, 30

The assistant professor and food safety field specialist, Ohio State University Extension at The Ohio State University, is interested in how information about food safety is communicated and received by consumers.

MSU is Creating Sustainable and Safe Food Packaging

At Michigan State University’s pioneering School of Packaging, students, faculty and alumni collaborate with hands-on work to advance the industry and create food packaging that is sustainable and safe.


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Ask the Experts: Why FDA Food Compliant Gloves Could Be a Risk to Your Business

5 Questions with Steve Ardagh, CEO and Founder, Eagle Protect; glove industry authority for 20 years

Having visited scores of factories throughout southeast Asia, Steve Ardagh has witnessed the massive variation in quality and hygiene standard of glove manufacturing. Fast forward 20 years, and he is now at the forefront of glove research, the results of which have been presented at the International Association for Food Protection in recent years. Included in the unique Eagle Standard, his company has developed a proprietary third-party glove testing program, Delta Zero, to ensure Eagle gloves are of the highest consistent standard of food safety — mitigating any glove risks to your business.

Ask the Experts: Allergen Testing

5 Questions with Emily Kaufman, President, Emport, LLC

Allergen management is a constantly evolving field. New regulations and new technologies continue to make food safer for the food-allergic consumer — but it can all be quite confusing! Since introducing the GlutenTox Pro kit to North America in 2011, Emport LLC has helped guide countless gluten-free and allergen-free manufacturers in the quest for safe food. To celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary, Emport LLC’s Emily Kaufman explains some need-to-know concepts for allergen safety.

Ask the Experts: Sanitation and Cleaning Tools

5 Questions with Mike Dougherty, Marketing and Quality Manager, Perfex

The pandemic has been especially disruptive for critical commercial environments like food and ingredient processing. However, continually evolving cleaning techniques in response to intensified sanitation concerns are helping to keep employees, consumers and facilities safe. Mike Dougherty, Perfex marketing and quality manager, discusses how COVID-19 has transformed cleaning in critical environments.